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High Fives

About Our Team

We are local scientists interesting in helping share the cutting edge scientific research with the general public.

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Dr. Christine Caputo


Christine holds a PhD in Chemistry and is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at UNH. She first learned about public science outreach as a postdoc in the UK and decided to bring the concept to the NH Seacoast. She hosted the inagural events in the area (starting in 2016) and is excited to see the program expand in 2022.

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Beth Potier

Executive Committee and Event Organizer

Beth Potier is the director of research communications at the University of New Hampshire. While much of her work uses traditional channels – stories, websites, social media and UNH’s research magazine Spark – to share the important work of UNH researchers, she’s thrilled to help bring it into the community through Seacoast Sips of Science.


Emily Andrews

Event Organizer

Emily Andrews is a graduate student at UNH hailing from Albany, NY. She has always been passionate about making science accessible and is excited to be a part of Seacoast Sips of Science.


Taylir Bullick

Event Organizer

Taylir is a PhD student in Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire. She is an avid roller skater in her spare time.


Jo Field

Event Organizer

Jo Field is a graduate student in the Natural Resources and Environmental Studies program at UNH. She gained her Masters in Science Communication from Cardiff University in Wales, and is passionate about fostering conversation between researchers and local communities. Jo is a Graduate Assistant in the UNH Graduate School, where she assists with programming related to research communication.

About: Team Members
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