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Thursday, January 25th | Cornerpoint Brewing

Power of Persuasion

This event will feature speakers from whose work examines persuasion and rhetoric in science.

Door open 5:30 pm and talks will start at 6:00 pm


Michelle Gibbons

Michelle Gibbon is an Assistant Professor in Communications at UNH.


Larry Hamilton

Larry Hamilton is a Professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire.

Eric CU.png

Eric MacDonald

Eric was born and raised as an engineer, having attended UNH majoring in Electrical Engineering but has evolved into an artist. 

During his evolution he recognized similarities in the two fields.  "I approach my painting as an engineer, with each painting being essentially a problem-solving exercise."

His art explores the problem of expressing a subject comprised of infinite variance into the simplest language of shape, value and edges.  "I find beauty in efficiency and strive to communicate as much as information in my art as possible without over-explaining my subject through unnecessary brush strokes or marks." 

Eric recently completed the artist-in-residence program at the Shoals Marine Laboratory. 

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