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Our Oceans

Wednesday, October 25th | Tideline Public House

This event will feature speakers from UNH who are experts in ocean science.

Door open 5:30 pm and talks will start at 6:00 pm


Prof. Nathan Furey

Furey will discuss why animals move, why these movements matter, and some of the technology we can use to track the movements of animals across landscapes and seascapes.

Prof. Tracy Mandel

Tracy Mandel is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of New Hampshire. Mandel’s research focuses on ecohydraulics, the physics of how water interacts with coastal ecosystems. She will discuss lab- and field-based work studying interactions between flow and vegetation in common New Hampshire ecosystems such seagrass, marshes and beachgrass.

Tracy Mandel (1)_edited_edited.png

Prof. Jennifer Dijkstra

Jennifer Dijkstra is a Research Associate Professor in the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping.

Dijkstra will discuss the dual threat of invasive species and ocean warming on our seascapes, as well as the tools we use to map seascapes.

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