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Thursday, April 18th | Cisco Brewers

Protecting Our Winters: 
Climate Change Impacts on New England 

Co-sponsorship provided by the UNH Sustainability Institute and the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy


Climate change is one of our planet’s biggest threats, and winters across the Northeast are being particularly affected. From less snow and rainier Januarys to shorter ski seasons, these impacts are being felt and seen across the board. Join UNH-affiliated researchers and faculty to discuss climate impacts to our winters and the potential solutions available to us.  

Cisco Brewers in Portsmouth, NH

Doors open 5:30 pm and talks will start at 6:00 pm

Ticket $5, Students $2.



Dr. Liz Burakowski

Liz is a research Assistant Professor at UNH in the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space and an affiliate faculty member in the Department of Earth Sciences. Liz's research focuses on winter climate change in the northeastern United States, including how it has changed in the past, what we can expect for the future, and what impacts warmer winters will have on ecosystems and society. She has co-authored over two dozen publications on New England climate change. Liz has been a member of the Protect Our Winters Science Alliance since 2016. Liz learned to ski at Saskadena Six in Pomfret, Vermont in 1988.

Torey Lee Brooks

Torey (UNH double alumnus in Civil & Environmental Engineering) is an engineer and sustainability specialist who specializes in embodied carbon of construction materials, whole building life cycle assessments and structural design. She has a background as a designer and consultant working on public and private projects around the Northeast. Torey now works for the EPA on the implementation of federal Buy Clean programs and initiatives, and her biggest strength is bridging the communication gap between the technical aspects of materials and design and achieving larger strategic sustainability outcomes. When Torey isn't working inside she can be found playing outside in the mountains, or championing climate and DEI initiatives in the skiing, climbing and outdoor communities. 

Stephen Bird.jpg

Dr. Stephen Bird

Dr. Stephen Bird is incoming Director of the Carsey School at UNH (July), and currently Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University and a faculty Research Affiliate with the Positive Energy Project at the University of Ottawa. His current research focuses on energy conflict & polarization, drivers of energy acceptance (fracking, solar, wind), split incentives and smart housing, and energy technology governance & implementation (microgrids, green data centers). Engagements and research awards have included New York’s Energy Research Authority, the U.S. State Department, the European Commission, a 2016 Fulbright Research Chair, and the National Science Foundation. He completed his PhD at Boston University and his Masters’ at Harvard University. He is an avid outdoors person (climbing ice & rock, hiking), racquetballer, and electric bassist (jazz and rock). 

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