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Wildlife Ecology

Thursday, September 28th | Center for Wildlife

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This event will feature speakers from UNH who are experts in wildlife ecology.

Beverages will be available at the evencourtesy of Maine Beer Company (by suggested donation).

Door open 5:30 pm and talks will start at 6:00 pm


Prof. Rem Moll

Wild Neighbors: What happens when humans and wildlife mix. 

Rem will discuss how wildlife adapt to urbanization, how humans and wildlife can coexist across landscapes, and some of our research on wildlife-vehicle collisions and predator-prey interactions in and around cities.

Joshua Willems

Joshua is a Ph.D. candidate from the University of New Hampshire in the Rowe Lab. His research focuses on investigating how beech mast, forest structure, and weather patterns influence the long-term population trends and community structure of small mammals in the White Mountain National Forest.

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Photo credit: Tim Briggs, NH Sea Grant

Kelsey Meyer

Kelsey Meyer is a Ph.D. candidate from the University of New Hampshire, as part of Dr. Bonnie Brown's Ecogenetics Lab. She is studying the impacts of green crabs on wild and farmed oyster populations in Great Bay Estuary. 

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